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Lifestyle in Rural Villages in India- very simple living


Lifestyle in Rural Villages in India
                                     Lifestyle in Rural Villages in India 

Lifestyle in Rural Villages in India

 Modern city people think that it is not possible to live in the rural village because in town life they can get many facilities. But they did not know about the actual cool rural village life. I know what village life is and what type of peace I have got from village life better than town life. Here I want to tell you something about lifestyle in Rural Village.

In a rural village, peoples are wakeup early morning before sunrise and go to bed early. Their life is so simple, they haven’t any modern life. Village peoples are very laborious with doing hard work for their livelihood. Daytime is work time and evening time they gather one place, share each other’s happiness and difficulties. In village people who do not want crazy for luxury life, just want to live simple and plain.

In village life, you can get fresh fruit, simple living, fresh air, cool environment, natural beauty, fresh water. These things are made village life makes simple, you cannot find in city life. In town life can be quite stressful, may take to depression but here you can feel cool everywhere and can get mental peace. I realize that in town life is so busy, hurry life, peoples are in town not sleep peacefully at night because their mind always runs towards money, success and modern life.

In the rural village, you can get everywhere green environment but in town concert jungle in your surroundings. Here most of the people engage in agriculture as a source of livelihood. Their lifestyle is almost simple because they have not much money to maintain a fashionable life-like town people. Now a day’s government also provides the best new schemes, yojans for village people to develop their lifestyle and live smoothly and safely. Now the village area slowly developed by the government like hospitals, schools, police stations.

By the way, I am not saying that town life is bad, but in my view village life is best to live simple, if you have any skill in your hand you can easily adjust with village life and you can earn money to live without any tension. According to my view of point, everyone has a tour of the village at least one month in a year to relax from town life.

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